Lesson Overview

The lessons I teach are 1 hour long. The first half of each lesson the student and I will work on breathing, tone, placement and musicality with different scales to learn the dynamics of volume and subtlety, with emphasis on using the core to the sound of the voice.  The second half of each lesson I will bring in an accompanist in order for us to apply the techniques to the songs that have either been chosen by the student or assigned by me.  The second half is not only a lesson for singing, but a coaching in acting the song.. truly telling the story of the song.  I will digitally record each lesson so each student can take the lesson home with them.  Because I will record each lesson it is required that the student bring either a flash drive with them or a recordable CD.  Flash drives are far less time consuming, so I recommend bringing the flash drive.  The last 5 minutes of each lesson will be spent transferring the lesson to a flash drive or a CD, settling payments and scheduling future lessons if necessary.


Fees and Payments

My fee per lesson is $100.  I accept cash and checks. Payment will be settled at the time of each lesson.  In the future, their will be the possibility to use PayPal for payment of lessons.




I have high expectations for the students in my studio.  My first and foremost expectation is that the students practice... EVERYDAY!!  Without practice in between lessons, students will not improve, it is as simple as that.   My lessons  incorporate singing, acting and musicality. So much more can be achieved if the student has the assigned song or songs for each lesson learned.  With that said, lessons can go so much smoother and quicker if the student is prepared.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of a lesson needs to be done at least 24 hours in advance of the lesson time to facilitate a possible make-up lesson.  If 24 hours notice is not given, the lesson will be forfeited and the student/parent will be responsible for the payment of that lesson. As well as a voice teacher, I am a professional singer.  I travel throughout the year.  I will give students notice of when I will be traveling in order to reschedule if necessary.